The Vision Circle

- a sisterhood community for emerging new paradigm leaders

It's time for you - to be heard, be seen, be held -

be understood

The world needs you

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It's time to speak your truth, from the heart...

Welcome, you have arrived here because -

- You are woman with a message, a vision, a mission.

- You want a better world with a passion

- You've taken steps towards making your vision a reality, maybe some steps back too, and you are ready to move to the next phase in your life and business

- You are committed to doing the Inner Work and you are a long way down your unique path

- You have reached a plateau of happiness, contentment and success but need more - for yourself and the world

- But you are tired of the internal battle inside your head - questioning yourself, editing yourself, filtering yourself, pretending, hiding, panicking and feeling overwhelmed about taking action

- I see you - your fear of rejection, getting it wrong, being judged - making you hide, making it harder to connect, going around and around unable to take decisive action

- I hear you - being pushed around by your internal pushers, pleasers and deniers

- I feel you - denying your own needs and trying to do it all alone

- And I understand not being properly seen, heard and felt by family and even friends.

It's time to join The Vision Circle

a sacred love-infused space, a Temple, where with a close group of like-souled women you can

  • Be real and all you are, with all of your diversity and 'weirdness'
  • Get clarity on your next steps
  • Be heard, seen and held in non-judgement and supportive sisterhood as you speak the uncensored, unfettered truth from your heart
  • Express yourself without fear or need of validation
  • Gain internal balance and peace
  • Be the leader you want to be - shifting the paradigm to soft, gentle, inspiring leadership of yourself and others
  • Be able to take decisive, confident action
  • Grasp and embrace life more fully
  • Move to the next phase of your life with ease, fun and grace

Time to Receive...


A welcome 45-minute

'Mission Possible' Session

with Alison

to get crystal clarity on why you are here.

Yes, I want this!

Be a part of a true sisterhood circle...

...that's love-infused

- receive monthly powerful meditations uniquely chanelled by me for group members only so that you can achieve inner balance and clarity

- meet with other like-souled women in a live monthly Zoom Circle where you are held and heard so that you can be open, vulnerable, strong, and honest

- enjoy a quarterly online half day retreat to refresh and restore yourself and regroup for your next phase

- access deep learnings around a monthly theme to stretch and support you in your evolution 


- have my support and guidance

- get 10% discount on all of my current and forthcoming 1:1 programmes

And enjoy an exclusive Facebook group to connect, share and interact - as well as do regular challenges!

Enjoy a Retreat at each turn in the Year

2022 Dates

- as we meet in circle for an afternoon of celebration, creativity, meditation and reflection around a seasonal theme, with optional project work to do to follow on!

Spring Equinox - (or Autumn Equinox on the Southern Hemisphere) Thursday 17th March - 1.30-5.30 pm GMT - Beginning Again - blossoming into potential

Summer Solstice - (or Winter Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere)Wednesday 22nd June 1.30-5.30 pm GMT- Feeling our Power

Autumn Equinox - (or Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere) Thursday September 22nd 1.30-5.30 pm GMT - Harvesting our Gratitude

Winter Solstice - (Or Summer Solstice in the Southern Hemisphere)Tuesday 20th December 1.30-5.30 pm GMT - Rest and Renew

AND Enjoy a Monthly Sisterhood evening Circle First Wednesday of the month 5-7 pm GMT- as we meet for ceremony, creativity, ritual and sharing

Plus upcoming workshops:

'From Fear to Freedom' Series

1.Befriending the Inner Patriarch - Tuesday 30th November 2021 3-6 pm

2. Remothering 1 - Friday 28th January 3-6 pm

3. Remothering 2 - Friday 25th February 3-6 pm

The Poetry of Praise - Wednesday 30th March 3-6 pm

Your sisters are waiting for you.

Will you make 2022 a pivotal year? The time that you fully step into your truth with full confidence and authenticity - and inspire the others who need your message?

Yes, Let Me In!

What women are saying:

‘The Vision Circle is an intimate group of such loving, supportive and creative women, each there for one another. I feel so safe in this space and I'm able and willing to explore more of the potential within me - which is beyond what I had allowed myself to do to any extent before joining this group. Due to the group members being so open themselves it kinda gave me permission to be a bit braver. And I am continually building on this exploration of potentiality, bravery, and confidence in myself. I have never experienced such deep, trusting and loving connection before. Any woman looking to explore the depths of their being and creative potential, would be warmly welcomed with open arms, minds and loving heart. All guided by Alison's exemplary leadership.’

Jo Durkin, Poet  

I couldn’t be more grateful for the change and development and gratitude and attitude shift that has come to me as such a gift in this last year through the circle of sisters. Alison gives us such space, and such support, and grounding and uplifting and tasks and challenges that are not just for OUR good and OUR development and for OUR blossoming but for the good of the planet, for our beautiful earth - to help us make the best of our time here.

I feel younger than I’ve ever felt. I have discovered a tap, a conduit, a verbal vein through from my heart that lets me voice who I am. I am made aware of my noisy head and how to deal with it – all those voices on your head that say this isn’t your time.

Well it IS your time. It IS my time. It IS our time. We are a lovely bunch of caring, sharing, supportive, connected, beautiful hearts and soul women making the best of themselves with guidance.. This is a great thing to do, do it if you can, come join us.

Liz Doyle, Artist

A for being my authentic self after decades of suppressing A for applying the skills and knowledge I've learnt A for aligning my life with my soul truth and purpose A for Alison our amazing facilitator A for awareness, awakening to possibilities. I could go on, but just wanted to say thank to Alison for the Vision Circle - such a warm, supportive and loving space full of spiritual awakening, peace, love and encouragement. I Adore the group and the Amazing women in it! ♥️♥️♥️ 

Tracy John, artist and creative facilitator  

I love the group. There is so much love there and Alison is facilitating us to gain our true authentic identities and to develop our creativity. Also to use this force to build a collective awareness of how we can move towards a different society that is more sustainable and nurturing of all. I love the free group but the Vision Circle gives so much more. Come and join us. Xxx

Linda Scott, writer and observer of life  

Being a part of this sisterhood has impacted me so positively just in a matter of weeks. It’s been absolutely amazing and so powerful. I didn’t realise how it was going to impact on me so quickly!

One of the things that has been a game changer is the confidence I’ve received because of the beautiful support – the confidence to be yourself, be vulnerable, be transparent. It’s a safe space, which allows you to open up, something I have struggled with. Before I joined the Vision Circle I was trying to struggle along on my own, but wow - it’s helping me appreciate my life! I was a spectator of life, but now I’m participating – and because of that my life is more fulfilled. The Vision Circle really helps you feel that fulfilment, and love, and connection and beautiful interactions. It’s so special.

I am so grateful to Alison for the bonus 1:1 session too – it has stoked my fire and ignited that passion and drive to start putting my project into fruition.

Here in the circle you can share things, be inspired by each other.  You get all of these nuggets of gold, these gifts,  and I can’t praise it enough for how it’s changing me day by day.

Janine Keall, Visionary Artist

Your Host and Guide

Led by her heart, soul and intuition, Alison Smith guides passionate female change-makers to creative and spiritual freedom. She does this by igniting their creativity and helping them uncover and transmute buried issues that have been blocking them - so that they can stand in their truth, get clear on their message and get this out into the world - whether that be a book, a business or a creative project.

This results in clarity of purpose, confidence in themselves and a readiness to lead the changes they desire - thereby creating a world where the values of love, joy and beauty are central to all decision making.

Alison is a Radical Alignment Coach and Creative Consultant for women, a guardian of the realm of beauty and magic. She has over 30 years' experience of catalysing change at individual, group and organisational levels.

Her guiding values are Creativity, Freedom, Alignment, Sovereignty and Social change.

She strives to be an authentic multi-dimensional role model who never ever pretends that she is perfect and who reflects on all aspects of our human existence and experience. She is not afraid of the dark and embraces it all.

It is her biggest desire for all women to be free to express and share their gifts - so that all people can be free. So that humanity can evolve and we can create a world of peace, joy, playfulness and deep honouring, of each other and this beautiful, precious planet that we live on.

We are open for new members.

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