A 9 Month Odyssey of Total Transfornation

Are You..

a creative woman on a mission to have a postive impact on our wounded world?

But you feel blocked by your long held insecurity? You don't believe you are worthy and so the many ideas you have don't get seeded. You can't get down to it. You lack the clarity about what it is you desire to do.You start things and don't finish them.

And you feel held back by fear? Fear that has not shifted despite all of the work you've done. That fear that right now is keeping you stuck in a damaging job, relationship, role or a creative rut?

Suffering from wildly differing levels of energy - a flame that burns bright, and then only the glimmer of a spark that might go out, and sometimes does?

Do You..

Want to wake up in the morning feeling free - with a deep knowing of exactly what to do, and an unstoppable desire to do it?

Want to be filled with unshakeable confidence so that you can take the bold actions that are needed to make the changes that you see are needed?

Want to feel fully alive and energised so that you can be - just by being you and doing your creative work - a catalyst for change?

Why this, why now?

The world needs you. Our leaders are failing. The earth is dying. Her people in many ways have become more divided and conflicted in deeper ways. No solution is making sense. In fact what solution???

And what about you? I know how special you are. And I also know that you consistently put yourself last when it needs to be the other way round, and this is not selfish! You are worth so much! You are what the world needs and is crying out for, your mission is waiting to be delivered. And when you delay this, you spiral into ill health, low energy, a sense of hopelessness, and not achieving what you desire for you and the planet. And this then keeps you in a self reinforcing negative feedback loop with the old stories playing 24-7.

What if your life could be forever changed?

What if you could enter into a space where you arrive fully in yourself - you remember who you are?

What if you could feel empowered, joyful, special and magical every day so that you can be energised to do what you need to do?

What if you could fall in love with yourself do deeply that every day is thrilling, exciting, an adventure?

Yes. there will be darkness, life happens, and we all continue to evolve and what is more...

As we work together your new found confidence and resilience is a muscle, that grows strong as you grow into you.

And you are the butterfly, who at last glories in her beauty and essence - effortlessly shining.

About Metamorphosis

The real you is not held back by doubts and old narratives, she is not held back by the opinions of others.

She lives a life of fulfilment and abundance. Her very life is her greatest creative project.

The real you is confident, courageous, passionate, loving, powerful.

Will you meet her, greet her, take her to your heart? In this 6 month magical process of complete transformation you will do just that.

I am the magic in this programme, and you become the magic too - I provide for you safe, loving, powerful, creative space and my therapeutic presence so that you can be real, honest, experience who you are and love your self again.

And I provide you with my undivided totally focused presence as I guide support and challenge you to move through your blocks and emerge as fully you.

It will feel like you have been reborn.

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What You Will Receive..


Be seen, held, heard and witnessed in a dedicated sister circle where you will have access to monthly ceremony, sharing, group meditation/guided inner journey and mini coaching sessions.

You will also have access to 2 x monthly Transformation Workshops to deepen and integrate your 1:1 work - based on the 3 phases of Arrive, Awaken and Energise. Months 1-3 will be about arriving in your self and what this means. Months 4-6 will be about Awakening to your true nature. Months 7-9 will be about Energsing and fearless action taking.

In this circle you be challenged, guided and receive loving accountability from me and your sisters.

Speaking is completely voluntary, but active, non-judgemental listening, and total confidentiality is practiced - this circle is about speaking your deep inner truth, truths that may currently have no other audience, or may not have been said before - it is a safe, healing space of discovery for you to do that.


This is coaching for the new world. 18 bespoke 1:1 Radical Alignment Insight Training Sessions ( 2 each month ) guiding, challenging and supporting you through 3 phases of process:

- looking deeply at and ARRIVING in yourself as you are now - starting the process of embodiment, self-honouring, understanding and reframing life events, integration and befriending of the lost and wounded parts of yourself, developing presence and moment by moment awareness.

Includes counselling, breath work, meditation, creative work such as creative writing, drawing and clay work.

- removing the blocks, and AWAKENING to your desired reality - here we move into exploration of your guiding values, your vision for yourself and the world, your purpose, your mission and your message. From this desired outcomes will begin to arise.

Includes coaching and clear homework exercises in bwteeen sessions.

- finally expanding in to your new true self with ENERGISING action-taking that feels exciting and just right. For the last part of the process, you will be guided and supported by me into transforming your life totally. This is what happens when who become who you really are. I will also challenge you and hold you accountable.

Includes coaching and lots of supported action taking!

Radical Alignment Insight Traning is a form of guidance which combines and integrates a person-centred way of holding space with intuitive use of powerful questions to challenge you and help you move forward. to become inspired and energised.

A person-centred way of holding space allows you to experience being fully heard, understood and honoured for you are right here right now - and facilitates your own learning to love yourself more fully. Powerful questions act as challenges that catalyse new insights.

This is not a quick fix. The overall effect is that you are forever changed and energised by this transformation. Many say re-born.

And...your Gold Upgrade

6 Days of transformation in a luxurious villa on the island of Crete with our own garden and private beach - includes circle, meditations, creative writing, delicious food, relaxation. Further details on application.

What women have said about 'The Vision Circle'

I have never experienced such deep, trusting and loving connection before.

The Vision Circle is an intimate group of such loving, supportive and creative women, each there for one another.

I feel so safe in this space and I'm able and willing to explore more of the potential within me - which is beyond what I had allowed myself to do to any extent.

Any woman looking to explore the depths of their being and creative potential, would be warmly welcomed with open arms, minds and loving heart. All guided by Alison's exemplary leadership.’

Jo Durkin, Poet

I feel younger than I’ve ever felt. I have discovered a tap, a conduit, a verbal vein through from my heart that lets me voice who I am.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the change and development and gratitude and attitude shift that has come to me through the circle of sisters.

We are given such space, and such support, and grounding and uplifting and tasks and challenges that are not just for OUR good and OUR development and for OUR blossoming but for the good of the planet, for our beautiful earth - to help us make the best of our time here.

I am made aware of my noisy head and how to deal with it – all those voices on your head that say this isn’t your time.

Well it IS your time. It IS my time. It IS our time.

Liz Doyle, Artist

I was a spectator of life, but now I’m participating – and because of that my life is more fulfilled.

The Vision Circle really helps you feel that fulfilment, and love, and connection and beautiful interactions. It’s so special.

Being a part of this sisterhood has impacted me so positively just in a matter of weeks. It’s been absolutely amazing and so powerful.

One of the things that has been a game changer is the confidence I’ve received because of the beautiful support – the confidence to be yourself, be vulnerable, be transparent. It’s a safe space, which allows you to open up, something I have struggled with. Before I joined the Vision Circle I was trying to struggle along on my own, but wow - it’s helping me appreciate my life!

Janine R Keall, Spirit and Mixed Media Artist, Poet, Intuitive Guide


What women have said about working 1:1 with me


Before signing up I was looking to find more confidence in my ability to follow through with goals.. to be able to focus more clearly. For me, this meant getting in touch with my inner critic and having a conversation.. and going straight to the heart of the matter.

Alison's mix of wisdom, empowerment and spirituality is a very potent combination. The sessions were deep.. we dove straight in. I was ready for it! Alison is a heavy hitter.. in the best way possible. There was no skirting around issues.. she is extremely intuitive- it was concise and directed.. exactly what I was looking for. I highly recommend Inisight. It has helped me move forward in an area of my life that I have felt held back for years.

Heather Atkinson, Yoga Teacher


I have always been good at coming up wIth ideas but have neglected  to follow through with action. I was attracted to the simplicity of the programme and loved the fact that it covered such essential areas as clearing blockages to creativity, envisioning your dream or project and, finally, putting it all in to action.

It was a pleasure to work with Alison. I felt witnessed in my process, being truly seen, heard and understood. She works very intuitively and creatively and is completely present throughout.

Karen Clarke, Daoist Qi Gong Teacher ad Shamanic Practitioner.


My intentions were always good, but I was feeling bogged down, and I was seeking to become re-inspired.

I enjoyed the sense of being supported and heard, the encouragement and the implicit belief that I could do what I set out to.

Alison has a gift to connect with women who could use some amplification and clarification of their inner voice. She is able to suggest how to make insight work in the physical world, an important and necessary translation/transmutation of energy.

Jan Starr Richards, writer and artist

Join Us on this journey !

There are 13 spaces available

July to March 2023

Doors opening soon!

About Alison

Alison's deepest desire is for you to feel loved, connected to the earth and the cosmos, to feel inner peace and calm, TO BE WHOLE. That you feel joy when you wake and excitement as you begin your special work which feels like play. That you are open to your inner guidance and the energy of pure unconditional love.

Her transformational approach is rooted in creativity and the understanding that you are the expert - you have all the answers you need within yourself just waiting to be uncovered and released.

She has over 35 years’ experience of delivering her life’s work: supporting men, women and young people (individually and in groups) to bring out their creative essence through teaching, leadership and training.

A qualified counsellor, teacher and coach, she has an MA in Creative Writing and is a qualified and experienced energy healer.

Metamorphosis brings all of her gifts and passions together to create a powerful 9 month experience, an odyssey of self discovery and expansion.

Alison was originally trained in Rogerian counselling (humanistic/person-centered), she has since combined this with a pure form of coaching which has at its core the use of intuition and powerful questions. She is influenced by her experience and training in Zen Buddhism, Shamanic practices and Feminism. Also in the mix is her 17 years of educational leadership for schools and local authorities where she delivered cutting edge training and staff development. She has been a poet since the age of 17, and has collaborated and worked with poets of international reputation.

For the past 3 years, she has focused on working specifically with women, guiding them to release their creativity from their authentic core and recover their true voice through online groups, using her own unique circle model, 1:1 Radical Aligment Insight Training and Poetry as a means of Coming Home to yourself and uniting with your true nature.

What's Included in Metamorphosis?

There are 2 levels, depending on your needs


  • 9 months membership of The Vision Circle
  • Email support - one hour per week
  • 18 x 1:1 Radical Alignment 'Insight' Training Sessions
  • Free access to all of my workshops for the duration of the programme
  •  Payment plan by arrangement

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Gold Upgrade

  • 9 months membership of The Poetry Garden and Vision Circle
  •  Email support - one hour per week
  • Free Access to all of my workshops for the duration of the programme
  •  18 x 1:1 Radical Alignment 'Insight' Training Sessions
  • Includes a 6-day retreat from 29th May to 4thJune in Crete, Greece
  • Plus 2 bonus coaching sessions
  •  Payment plan by arrangement


And if you would like to discuss either option further with me in a focused call, simply book below!

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