Breathe ~ Dream ~ Create 

Fall in love with your life at a seaside retreat in Crete! 11th - 15th June 2018 

Indulge in the deep art of self-care and feel the pulse of possibility! Like a dolphin, locate the sacred spaces between heartbeat, waves, words, wings, and wide blue sky. 

The most important thing you'll ever do will be to explore your gorgeous more.

Access passion.

Feel beautifully free. 

Be with others who believe in you

Say yes to the sheer pleasure, the very treasure of your creativity. 


from pressure to pleasure, 

from exhaustion to expression.

It's time. Isn't it 

to make 

your life be about your life! 


No more apologizing for your magic!

Claim time to write and find peace on the jeweled coast. Choose poolside time to dream, heal, and breathe. Be with us for nothing less than an amazing five-day retreat! 

Feast at a smorgesboard of delicious creativity beneath the Mediterranean sky. Inspire the tired right out of your spirit, body, mind, and heart! 

Create it NOW in Crete! 

Whatever "IT" is for you, a new feeling about yourself, a story you're writing, a new true connection, a wealth of health, magnificent growth, be with us.

Trust the inFINite possibilities, feel the pearl lustre of your pulse as you fall asleep to the lull of the indigo ocean. 

11th - 15th June 2018

A Personal Transformation Opportunity For Any Woman Who...

is more tired than inspired, suffers from insomnia, struggles to focus, and is anxious about a transition.

  • This reTREAT is for you if you need to

1) have the time of your life after going through a loss 2) feel passion as you go through a challenge or change 3) relax and laugh despite grief and difficulty  

  • It’s crucial that you find others that support you as you

1) love and move away from limiting beliefs and the stress they bring 2) love and move deeper into your creativity which is your greatest strength 3) love and intuit the authentic truth that you are here on earth to be beautifully you!

Meet Alison and Kyane, your guides to greater freedom and creativity!

Hi, I’m Alison and today I am a poet and qualified counsellor, reiki healer and teacher. 

When I look back at my path and all of my experiences I just feel gratitude for where it has brought me on this life-long journey. My biggest life lesson has been learning to live on my terms and not in order to meet the needs and expectations of others. 

As a life-long empath I used to take on the struggles and ideas of everyone in my life and call them my own, and for years struggled with depression and addictions. Even though I still made choices that actually were in alignment with my true self (such as studying Philosophy, attending dance and yoga classes, meditating and writing poetry to name a few) I had no idea what was causing me to behave in self destructive ways. 

It was only through my passion for learning and working with various spiritual teachers, writers and healers who were further along the road I wanted to go down that I gradually found the missing and hidden pieces that made up the whole me. 

And now I am more than ready to assist you to a place of true alignment and peace. We are all always learning, this is a process that never stops but now I have a calling to join with others in taking the world (no less) to a new state, a new story of co-creation, peace and evolved being. I always was ambitious!

Hi, I’m Ky. I’m a writer, musician, mom, mermaid nurse, but it wasn’t always so. 

For years I hid and only glimpsed my future from behind fear. But now I’m here, living freely and loving my life fully. 

Childhood may've challenged our socks off with abuse, abandonment, alcoholism, and more. Time to roll up the sleeves to our soul and release the pain that has shaken us to the core with anxiety, depression and heartache. I get it. At 25 I took my first roadtrip and ended up in a 7.1 earthquake. Then as a single mom, the roof to my house caved in and a drunk driver almost drove through my house. Fast forward to the time in Hawaii, where a ledge gave way on a hike and I clung to a cliff waiting to be rescued by 5 firemen. How do you and I move from victim to inFINcible? I’d love to share this in person with you, when you and I journey with Alison to a special time and place in Crete, where we'll breathe deeper and create the reality we've dreamed and needed for so long.

I can't wait to share passionate stories and ways to navigate emotions through writing, music and sensory exercises. Imagine how it will feel to release the beauty you sense deep down under the stress and struggle.

I want you to remember the love story you're here to live. You too, can move from survival to thrive. "There is some kiss we want with our whole lives", as Rumi said. A bliss kiss made of saltwater and starlight. I'll teach you how to find the flow and the glow in the everyday as we explore intuitive tools you can take with you. Know this, you are born for more. To be gorgeous more. You're here to learn from pleasure, not just suffering. The answer to this is the treasure of your creativity.

I'd be honored to teach you how to create greater health. I'll bring you everything I learned from thirty years working as a holistic nurse, from 7 years of music study at a Conservatory, from the thirty years I've led creativity circles after earning a Master's in Creativity Writing. If you feel its time to tune in to your truth, I will guide you to feel peace and creativity. I'm ready to create with you in Crete, the best you're meant to express!  

Please read more of our stories so you know we're here for you, to hear your heart!

Alison Smith, BA Hons, PGCE, Dip Couns is a poet, healer and trainer.  

Being trained as a teacher, counsellor, circle time facilitator and reiki practitioner and also as a practicing writer, Alison has developed her own therapeutic approach that combines counselling, education and mentoring with creative activities and energy work.

Her experience of being a teacher, manager in various education settings and trainer for over 25 years and a qualified person-centred counsellor since 2009 brings core qualities of a highly empathic facilitative approach based on deep regard and genuineness, understanding of different learning modalities, a passionate belief in growth and human potential and an ability to see what needs to be done and make it happen. 

Her mission is to help you courageously meet with the you that has been diverted, smothered, delayed and ignored for too long, then to listen and act in accordance with your reason for being here on the planet right now.  

Kyane Howland, R.N. M.A. is a mermaid nurse who has inspired thousands to SEAz life. 

Ky's ground-breaking book "The Little Book of Ok", gives whimsical wisdom remindng you that OK is your superpower and can even lead to world peace. Once you know how to be ok even when its not ok, you can FINd your flow and glow. Her 2018 release "SEAz Life, Secret Mermaid Stuff" is a passion manuel to help you brave the waves of all you want!

Ky studied communication with dolphins, determined to heal childhood trauma and she learned we're not only here save our lives but to savor. We're here to feel free, abundant, and inFINcible. From this bliss, she developed a sound healing program called "Dolphinsong" teaching thousands how to release grief and arrive at laughter and love. She's seen huge results when people take time to tune in to pain, self-scan, understand, then release on the breath what is no longer needed. 

For three decades, she dedicated herself to work beside those dying, detoxing, and struggling wih suicide. She learned firsthand and frontline how to help others create peace and happiness. Transformation is possible when you know how to tune in to the healing already inside you beneath the stress, depression, and anxiety. She's seen how you can move through anything and everything with love, creativity, and the support of others. She wants you to have the aha amazing moment when you find and free your voice.

Kyane, the mermaid nurse, teaches singing, writing, and songwriting online at Find inspiration at Secret Mermaid Stuff and Find my Song on Facebook.  


What Others Are Saying

Laura J M ~ Coach & Healer

Lynn W ~ Registered Nurse

" Alison has a heart of gold and a humble power. She has been an absolute honour and joy to work with and has also awakened something within myself which I find very special. I admire and enjoy her love of people and ability to see and appreciate their innate gifts. Alison has such a gentle yet truly powerful way with words and of telling moving stories that just seem to ignite something within me making me feel so connected to the inspiration available and the oneness we share with each other. I believe that Alison is a catalyst for compelling change in each other and the world. A teacher and a leader, a healing nurturer, a creative wombman, a Priestess! Someone I believe you can laugh and cry with completely authentically to your hearts content." 

‘Mind-blowing Ky, incredible, wise goddess love”  

Kathryn G ~ Teacher

Pam H ~ Teacher

Attending the “Find Your Element” workshop exceeded my expectations. The day was enjoyable and relaxing, and I came away feeling inspired and empowered. Alison led us gently and thoughtfully through a series of well-planned exercises which allowed us to explore and share ideas. We read and discussed a range of poetry and Alison made us feel very comfortable as she skilfully guided us in developing our own creativity. By the end of the session all the participants had produced their own unique very different pieces and I now have the tools and the confidence to try more writing of my own. 

“Ky inspired me, encouraged me and gave me hope.  


She expressed validation and confirmation of my path using very specific words, meaningful only to me, that there was no way on this green earth she could have known beforehand. Ky switched me up, turned me around, and re-aligned me with my purpose...I am now starting to write. And it's all because of Ky and her unconditionally loving and non-judgmental Mermaid Magick. She is a wonder and I am so blessed to know her.” 

John M ~ Poet

Mary N ~ Writer

I found Alison’s kind and insightful guidance very reassuring. It was great delving into poems and great to have a structure to compose to, which also allowed me to understand that inspiration could be creatively encouraged rather than just awaited. I left the workshop feeling genuinely inspired – even in the lunch break my hometown seemed oddly changed! – both to write and to learn more. Thank you, Alison. 

 "Oh beautiful! Kyane, it is such an honor for you to be part of this group. You share and teach so much. Your talents are unlimited. Your Love is overwhelming. LOVE your poem.” 

Why Crete?

Kissed by the sea on every side, Crete is a mystical island waiting to magically transform you in her healing embrace – one of mountains, sacred caves, and secret ravines. Imagine being loved on deserted beach and held close by voluptuous cove. 

Crete was the site of the flowering of one of the world’s first civilizations, the people we now call the Minoans, a goddess-centered, refined, matriarchal civilization built upon feminine values of peace, creativity and spirituality, rooted to the beautiful earth. 

What most tourists do not know, is that today the legacy of the Minoans continues in the people of today through Cretan music and dance, welcoming each visitor with exuberant love of life and celebration touching you to the core if you recieve the experience of it.

Crete is a land with alchemical properties central to the transition humanity is now undergoing – you can feel the healing as it enters into a new time when each of us will do what our hearts love, share what makes our souls sing and dance with joy and wonderment. Wait till you feel it in the stones that clink by the shore, the winds that wash over the land. You'll feel it in the sun as it rises and sets in a way you have never seen before. 

Crete offers you no less than the chance to feel deep magic enter your soul.  

Now imagine having a room facing the sea. Terraces overlooking the Bay.  

The incredible Orizon Centre is the home for our retreat where you and I will inspire ourselves with luxurious time to reflect, relax, write, dream, and swim in the pool. 

You will have your own bedroom for privacy. You will share dining and kitchen space with kindreds, 1-2 others in your fully equipped apartment. You will gaze up at the Mediterranean skyline, as lines of poetry float into your peaceful heart.  

If you like to hike, there is a short, steep downhill path to a private beach for you to passionately approach the edge of the sea as you breathe the salted breeze. A little white church is close by if your soul wishes to pause. The centre is in the West of the island and from your terrace you can watch or worship as the sun sets over the distant mountains. A restaurant, serving incredible Cretan food grown on the family's organic farm is there to delight and satisfy.  

Are you ready to taste the salt on your skin from the sea, and from gusts of love? Indulge in delicious conversation, and voluptuous hours to be creative?

Have the time of your life by the sea where you breathe deeper, self heal, feel more alive, and believe you are beautiful like a sea glass queen!


This place is sacred to the goddess. Here her constant pleasure Is to watch the sea as it shimmers from the shore…  

Anyte: Aphrodite by Sea  

And she danced in herb-covered mountains tree-shaded rivers and dolphin-loved seas... 

Eleni Foutouni from ‘In the beginning’  


Love is the mountain and the night with its stars. Love is the sea and the day with its sun. 

Nikephoros Vrettakos From ‘Murky rivers’  

As fish out of water hear 

the waves 

this turning toward what you deeply love 

saves you.


What to Expect...

The retreat runs from 7 pm on Monday 11th June when we will meet at the centre for a meal together, until 11.30 am on Friday 15th June 2018

Our retreat includes accommodation at Orizon, all meals and refreshments, and activities, but excludes flights and transfers. 

Breakfast ingredients will be provided in the kitchens of the apartments and can be taken to your rooms or enjoyed on your terrace before the day’s session begin. We'll eat lunch together followed by languid afternoons. Plenty of leisure will be provided as we recognize private time is vital to the artist's heart for exploring, writing, reading, meditating, napping, and of course, gazing at the sea!  

Our early evening session will be followed by a sumptuous meal eaten beneath the stars in the family’s own taverna on site. Much of Cretan cuisine is vegetable based with fish and meat dishes, and dairy such as eggs, and cheese.  


Activities include: 

  • Four fun writing exercises specially designed for when we meet in Crete~
  • *I am mantras in the a.m. 
  • *treasure poetry, 
  • *bliss list
  • *time management through Haiku
  • Intuitive communication callled dolphinsong where you and I tune in, tone, and hold love notes as we make intentions
  • Group hike to a sacred temple where we release the un-needed from our souls  
  • Breathwork to help us let go further and recieve more freely
  • Creative visualization and dancing as we plant dreamseeds in the dark of a new moon, believing in what could be
  • Share, read, and write inspired by our experiences on the island 

Day by Day in Detail...

Arriving in Crete ~ Since the retreat begins on a Monday and ends on a Friday this might not fit with flight times from different airports, however, Alison is an expert on Crete and when you book your retreat with us you will qualify for a complimentary 1 hour session with Alison where she will advise on flight, accomodation and transfer options to suit your personal needs.

Day 1 ~ Monday 11th June from 7pm ~ You will arrive at the centre anytime from 2.30pm to a refreshing drink, meet Ky, Alison and Ingrid, settle into your room and relax on your private sea view terrace or bask in the sun by the pool. At 7pm we will gather together before sharing a mouthwatering feast of fresh organic food home grown on the family farm.

Day 2 ~ Tuesday 12th June ~ Pulse of Possibility with Ky, mermaid nurse. After a relaxing night's sleep and a leisurely breakfast enjoyed on our private terraces we will gather at 10 am to discover the 'I am in the a.m.' journaling exercise where you celebrate who you were, are, and will be. We will explore writers like Mary Oliver, Rumi, Denise Levertov, Diane Wakowski, N. Scott Momaday, Anne Sexton, Maya Angelou, and Jane Kenyon. It'll be a celebration of sensuous connection to yourself and the shoreline, as we find our timing and inspiration. You will learn how to do a 'bliss list' first thing in your day to jumpstart your heart as you WAKE. Following refreshments of tea, coffee or a cold drink you will express your best by exploring your relationship to time in the 'Mermaid Journal, the journey of finding heart treasure'. We will discuss how to observe the world, pay passionate attention, and find time to love your life. We will explore artists like Van Gogh, O'Keefe, and Haiku masters who knew how to find focus and ground the soul with the whole self even as we endure the seasons of all we lose and find. Afternoon after lunch will be yours to relax, journal, meditate, gaze at the sea, swim in the pool or whatever your mood dictates. In our final session of the day, before dinner, we will relax and create self-healing through 'DolphinScan', a special exercise which Ky learned firsthand with dolphins, where we tune in to our bodies, tone vowels, and play with the energy of language through breath work, movement, and intuition.  

Day 3 ~ The Space Between, led by Alison. Here you are invited to the 'in-between' on the day of the New Moon, one of the most magical places spoken of by ancient poets when arriving at the mysterious shoreline beating the poetry in their hearts. Where courage is taken to make the changes you need to feel free. This is the start of living life with passion and happiness, the moment where you come home to your soul. After breakfast we will again gather at 10 am and begin by connecting with the breath, and the space between breaths. Using the wisdom and stillness found we will set intentions before mindfully walking down to the centre's private beach. Here, where sea meets land, we will be open and receptive to our senses in the moment. Using this as our inspiration we will create stanzas that express our joy and wonderment. There will also be time to enjoy a swim, take photographs and simply be present. Returning to the centre, following refreshments of tea, coffee or a cold drink Alison will take you through a unique creative visualisation to connect with your essence and source. After an opportunity to share our experiences of the morning we will head for another exquisite lunch in the family taverna overlooking Souda Bay. Again you will have quality relaxation and musing time after lunch, then before getting ready for our evening meal together we will dance our intentions into being under the dark New Moon to traditional Cretan music, learning a circle dance that was sacred in Minoan times.  

Day 4 ~ Thursday 14th June ~ On our last full day, we will travel to the dramatic south coast where the mountains drop straight into the sea. Here our hearts will beat with beauty, as we bravely walk through a lovely, lush gorge and arrive at the ancient settlement of Lissos. Here a temple waits in a peaceful little cove by a turquoise sea, you can swim in and feel free. Here you will be invited to make new vows to loving yourself, to creating the life you dream, and let go of anything no longer serving you. We will return to our starting point by boat where you will feel at one with the breeze and the waves. The centre is owned and managed by the Sea Priestess Ingrid Margarita who will lead this day for us. 

Day 5 ~ Friday 15th June ~ From 10 am until 11.30 am ~ Goddess Closing circle, Joyn the joie de Vivre as you and I appreciate each other’s experiences during the retreat. As we listen to the growth, the journaling, the magic, the transformation each has claimed by an ancient seaside, we’ll celebrate together the amazing blessing of what’s now and what’s next!!


How We Support You After Your Retreat

We want you to keep growing after its over.

You deserve so much and have cared for others for years.

We're here for you to support your passionate journey through

~ Exclusive access to our Private Facebook Group 

~ One to One coaching sessions with either Ky or Alison by arrangement

'By Being Yourself, You Put Something Wonderful in the World That Was Not There Before.'

Enough waiting! 

Go for it. Go get it. Join us June.

Savour the Mediterranean sea breeze on your skin 

Breathe and create your dream in Crete.

Be honest about what you want

Remember and reclaim

your gorgeous more!

 ~ Alison & Ky


'Breathe - Dream - Create' will take place on June 11th, 12th,13th, 14th and 15th at Orizon Centre for Life and Creation, Aptera, Crete Regular Price £1850 

SPECIAL EARLY BIRD OFFER (until March 31) £1251 (Save £600) 

JOIN NOW (payment plans available)  

*Please note travel is the only thing not included in the retreat price - we are happy to help and advise about options available to you 

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