Coming Home

A 3 month journey using poetry as a portal of transformation.

  • Heal from old wounds
  • Fall in love with Life
  • Speak your voice with ease
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You are yearning to feel release - release from tension, release from perfectionism, release from always feeling like you are going to get it wrong, that you will never be enough.

You want to feel joy, wonder, connection - and fall in love with you.

You desire to access fresh ideas, new ways of being, new friends who accept you as you are.

You need a nurturing space, a space to breathe, renew, discover.

Join us in a journey to

  • Increase your presence and awareness
  • find the essence, and increase the potency, of your message
  • get breathing space and creative time for yourself
  • be empowered, supported, inspired and loved by working with other creative women in circle in a way that is totally life-changing
  • discover new aspects of yourself

This is for you if you want to :

  • speak and write your truth and message by finding new ways of expression - so that you can feel confident knowing that you are always who you are - with no masking or hiding
  • experience a deep feeling of community, connection and sisterhood - so that you can find your tribe and put an end to your beautiful soul's yearning and loneliness
  • feel the power of your unlocked potential - so that you can live confidently and courageously and put an end to self-doubt
  • connect into flow and wonder - so that you can playfully and with ease create the life you want each and every moment

It's time to embrace the wonder of you, and let go of the worn out old version of you.

It's time to feel safe, secure and confident, knowing that your life has a unique purpose and you are doing it!

Frankly, it's time to get really intimate with yourself, and speak out with sisters who have your back.

 Yes Please!

The Modules

Module 1 - Confessions from the Heart

In this first module in November we will explore how to use personal and autobiographical material as catharsis -- but also in a way that connects and impacts in a powerful way. Using the confessional lyric form you can be risky, truth-telling and honest while also moving your readers to see truths within themselves. You will connect with the emotion of the experience to deliver universal truths. You will find ways through expressing your own life material to be funny, tender, sad, angry, tough - but most of all direct. We will visit poems by Sharon Olds, Billy Collins and Emily Berry for inspiration and guidance.

Module 2 - Disguises

When the poet remakes herself she remakes the world and the myths of the world.

In this module for December you will experiment with disappearing to reappear transformed!

We will explore Dramatic Monologue (writing in persona) and a form of nature writing where the small self dissolves to expand. The poems of Carol Ann Duffy, Jo Shapcott and Thomas A Clark offer a way of seeing, being and speaking that is playful and liberating.

Module 3 - Poet as Shaman

When we throw open the doors of perception, open them wide, we break through to the other side - with that all-seeing eye. Through the month of January we will explore poems by Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas and Alice Oswald, we explore what happens to language when it is a direct response to experience and becomes like a kind of intelligible light language!

It's where 'Into the red eye, the cauldron of the morning' Sylvia Plath travelled in the writing of 'Ariel', and this is where you are also invited - into the very cauldron of creation.

"What I know, I know through making poems" - Adrienne Rich

"Poems do not simply express. They make, they find, they sound...things undiscoverable by any other means." Jane Hirshfield

So how do you get to know yourself so well that you are excited about encountering the world with so much awareness and presence that you meet yourself in wonder and delight?

Over a period of my 60 years on the planet, including 35 years as a mother and teacher, I have discovered that 'now' is a moment of great potency, and we humans waste so much energy worrying and creating false narratives that take us into a false past and non existent future. I believe in the power of direct experience, and that earth is a school where we study an individual curriculum designed uniquely for us. Some lessons are easy, some extremely challenging.

I have always been a seeker and discoverer. But over the past five years I have had a series of powerful 'wake up calls' or 'initiations' which have taken me deeper into myself, teaching me the purpose of my life and the nature of reality - completely changing my life and my relationships. I have worked with a series of teachers and mentors who have helped me to navigate my way and see clearly the way forward.

I have been a poet and in love with poetry all of my life. I fell in love with language as a child listening in wonder to my father's made up stories. English was always my favourite subject at school because there was nothing I loved more than to listen to poetry read aloud by a great teacher. Later to write my own poems and stories felt to me like pure magic, but this began in one special moment when I was given permission to write, and a possible audience. My life began at 17 with that invitation to write a poem. Later I went on to teach poetry in schools and my own alternative education projects, specialising in using poetry to connect once anxious teenagers to their true selves. I have more recently studied poetry to Master's level and worked with some of the best English poets writing today.

What I now know is that poetry is the soul expressing itself. It's a place where you can find the perfect container to hold your truth, and in finding new ways to express this to then grow in confidence, take up the space in the world that is yours. Coming Home is to come home to yourself, to feel a sense of belonging, safety and confidence - to love yourself, and to feel unity with all of creation.

'When the student is ready the teacher appears'. We cannot do this alone. Well, we could, but this would not lead to knowing, and is actually the way of struggle.

I am dedicated to providing experiences which allow me to work my special magic blend of teaching, guiding, challenging, understanding and sensing so that others - and right now this is women like you - can find themselves and do things their way. This is where the fun and flow begins to be a main feature of your life and not a distant dream. It is my life's purpose to guide you to this place.

Come to The Temple of the Edge

'The edge' is a borderline space of discovery where what is latent meets with what is possible, where what is imaginable finds its structure or form, and what may have been silent until now finds its voice.

In 3 poetry workshops a month (9 in all) we explore the work of inspirational modern and contemporary poets to find inspiration and containers for your own truth to flow into and from. One week in 4 will be a week to integrate the learnings, and work on drafts of poems. The workshops will be on Tuesdays (first 3 of each month) from 5 pm to 7 pm BST.

You will discover new and powerful ways of expressing yourself by learning from experts in the art of soul expression, which is what I believe poetry to be. Through the writing of poetry we write ourselves into truth.

What women have said about Coming Home...


The best aspect for me was you, Alison, the teacher. I found this course challenging for me but you led us beautifully through, for such a short course the depth of understanding I have received and beauty and a new skill of self-expression, , it's almost 'how is this possible? The group energy and holding space for sacred sharing was sublime. I would say it's a return home to myself, a return to loving myself I had just forgotten.

Veronica Roberts, Happiness Mindset Coach


I want to thank you Alison from my deepest heart. The amazing work and the full heart you are pouring into it. I am just overwhelmed and so grateful. I don’t know what possessed me to click the register button, I never wrote a poem I my life. Though I love poetry I wasn’t even reading any poetry. I have so enjoyed being with all of you amazing women and the beautiful poems you are writing. It is bringing great comfort, thank you very very much Alison and each and every one of you for the love in this space.

Karin Huber, Women's Empowerment Practitioner


The container Alison creates is fertile ground for your creativity. The poems chosen were diverse and  inspirational. This empowered us all to create vulnerable, powerful work. Alison is an incredible teacher and the Sisters you will meet on this journey will lovingly witness your transformations. I was held, heard and seen, a gift that will stay with me far beyond this year!

Ellie Coakley Sigl, Council Facilitator, Oracle and Reiki Master

I'm grateful that this opportunity is altering and expanding my cosmic paradigm, and I am excited for what we'll be doing and creating, individually and collectively, too. This experience is taking me home to myself, but it's a me beyond any prior self concept.

I'm feeling more tied to myself and my creation of the reality I inhabit. Although I still have anxious moments I am becoming better able to navigate among these and the situations that have triggered them. I know I have more do, but I feel, thanks to Alison's inspired direction, I am making some significant headway.

The combined creative energy in the group is like a dynamo. I felt so energized. It's way more than emotional support. I am heartened by that as well as inspired.

Jan Richards, Writer and Artist

Coming Home felt not only a life review, but every life as far back as I you could go!! The life half lived. Thought provoking, stimulating, fascinating. Hearing, feeling, seeing, sensing, all the works including my own are gifts, ALL to be treasured.

So beautifully done as always Alison. I learnt I could quite possibly listen to you all day reading poetry! The cumulative effect was quite overwhelming. I was overcome seeing us and woman on a global scale doing this work. It was both at one heartbreakingly beautiful and heartbreakingly heartbreaking.

I felt utterly privileged to be in this group with such wonderful, courageous and beautiful women.

Jo Durkin, Poet

I have found not just a new ‘voice’ but a new ‘me’ who is speaking from the heart.

I found very quickly that I was being gifted a whole new world, and a whole new way of ‘reading’ poems. Alison helped us to see, hear and interpret the poets’ words.

And then I was so delighted to be encouraged to feel my way into creating my own poems- gently and sensitively, Alison helped me express myself in ways I never knew I could grasp. I believe this was largely because of the carefully graded steps that we were introduced to. Steps of structure and technique that gave us tools to build a framework onto which we could hang our own emotional content. The structure that we could build easily by following examples, left our creative minds the freedom to be honest and open with our own personal content.

For me this has been a powerful journey of both a new field of creativity and a new period of self awareness and personal development.

Coming Home’ was so much more than I had hoped for.

Liz Doyle, Artist

I’m feeling connected, Inspired, liberated from my “I’m not good enough “ & "I’ve got too much going on" mode. The workshops have been like an anchor in a stormy sea. Feels like I’ve come home to myself again.

I realised that:

I don’t give myself enough credit for the poetry I write, that I still have worthiness issues.

That what I channel into my poetry is powerful!

That I don’t have to understand everything or know what to write- just be open to receive and write down what flows through me.

This is such a beautiful, uplifting, supportive, energising, inspiring and empowering space and circle - So very grateful to be part of this’

Tracy John, Artist and Teacher

I am Alison Smith, Radical Alignment Coach, Creative Consultant for visionary women and founder of the Women's School of Metamorphosis. As a qualified counsellor and coach I am dedicated to your inner process. I create the conditions for you to see yourself, know yourself, love yourself. And ultimately feel more fluent in your encounter with the world.

I believe that you already have the answers you are seeking, and they are waiting to be discovered. You are the expert, you are the Sovereign Queen and King of your life. You need a creative space where you are held unconditionally so that the unfettered, unfiltered truth can be revealed. I hold that space - where you are free to explore, experiment, envision with me as your guide, support and catalyser. Together we dance in the moment, exploring the light and the shade, creating a new reality for you step by step.

As a poet and teacher I am passionate about the power of creativity to transform how we interact with the world and express our deep truths. Poetry provides a container for your truth, making it clear, powerful and beautiful. Giving you the power to connect with others heart to heart.